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Topic: FX Teleport Problem

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    FX Teleport Problem

    Dear everybody,

    This might be slightly OT or belong on fxteleports website. I excuse for that in advance.

    But I have been trying to play with FXTELEPORT. Everything is magic until I try to bounce it in Cubase SX. I have installed the 1.01 version, but my problem is...

    When I set my soundcard to 2048 samples - its all perfect, but with a heavy latency as you can imagine. When I set my soundcard to 512 or lower - its nothing but popcorn.

    Any suggestions?


    Isabella Rowlins

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    Re: FX Teleport Problem

    Problem solved.

    Thanks for not spending time on answering her royal stupidity.

    Latency buttons...

    *S* (igh)

    Isabella Rowlins

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