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Topic: worras's place hacked?

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    Re: worras\'s place hacked?

    Yeah, I cannot seem to get it to work either.... You can try this site. It worked for me: http://www.webpuppy.co.uk/worra/gigs/

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    Re: worras\'s place hacked?

    The server provider that I rented space from went belly-up.... that\'s why it\'s down.
    The webpuppy url is an old mirror that has some of the smaller stuff, but it should still work.
    I\'m planning for some new stuff and I\'ll be back really soon......
    This forum will be the first to know!

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    Re: worras\'s place hacked?

    thx + good luck!

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    worras\'s place hacked?

    earlier this day, there was this pop-up-attack while trying to access, now url just can\'t be found... anybody knows?

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