we just put up 20 free electroswing loops up at bassadelic.com, in case anyone is interested. click on either the 'store' tab ... though right now everything is currently free * * or ... just go to the blog section and scroll down to find that delicious swangin pack (its not really a hard site to navigate.)

each of these samples is cut from original swing/big band/ songs from the 1920s an 30s. They're authentic, though on some of them, they are cut up a bit, since it's electro-swing afterall!

anyway, have fun with em! They were LOTS of fun to make, and based on how popular these are, Im thinking I'll make a bigger samples set down the line with even more electroswing.. like, i'm talking WAYYY more... as in, 100s of samples.. Waiting for criticism though, so I'll know exactly what people want from these types of samples!

Thanks everyone! Happy crate diggin!