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Topic: Anyone seen "SuperConductor"?

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    Re: Anyone seen "SuperConductor"?


    I just checked it out and it sounds very interesting. Here\'s another thread about it.


    -- Martin

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    Re: Anyone seen "SuperConductor"?

    Looks very interesting. but that website is hilarious. It screams late night infomercials, all complete with a certified Doctor who has thoroughly examined and researched and endorses the product.

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    Re: Anyone seen "SuperConductor"?

    I confess to being the \"Greg\" in the thread that Martin dug up, and more recently, as \"dansereal,\" I\'ve posted a lot of wishlist critiques of SC over at the Seermusic forum. At this point I feel I\'m to SC as Mark Twain was to smoking -- I\'ve given it up dozens of times, and I\'ve meanwhile embraced the gospel of \"playing in\" the music, line by line. Anyone who wants the benefit of my vast wisdom on SC [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] -- or on the subject of performance-modeling tools in general -- is welcome to send me a private message. But I\'m tired of debating it in public; I got hooted as a yea-sayer here and as a nay-sayer at the Seermusic forum, so enough of that.

    Oksi (Greg)

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    Re: Anyone seen "SuperConductor"?

    It was interesting to read the old thread (from TWO YEARS AGO?!!).

    I note that there is a demo now (although I\'ve been unsuccessful thus far in importing a midi file).

    Seems to me, there is a valuable \"midi effects\" process going on in there that would be nice to have available without having to use the proprietary \"SuperConductor\" program. I think the author is missing the boat not marketing it as such...


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