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Topic: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

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    reflection in a window (traditional jazz)

    Boy, this forum is all fired up now. Its great.
    This piece is in the style of early 60's small jazz ensemble. I wrote it a couple of years ago so I don't remember a lot about it. (this is another one of those pieces that I unfortunately lost the notation and sonar files. All that remains is the mp3). It uses jabb fluglehorn, fhorn, alto, tenor, tuba . The percussion track is just a mixture of free samples from the internet. I am pretty sure that the piano is from SCARBEE. I don't know what the bass is.
    Please give a listen and tell me what you think.
    Thanks, Jay.


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    Senior Member sd cisco's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Southern Ontario, Canada

    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

    I think it's fabulous, Jay! Slick arrangement and performance, really captures the feel of those times, the early '60's, in mood and delivery, very enjoyable listen, kinda glad I did download it!
    Thank you for posting this and, you are correct, looks like with the hobbles off, the old Forum has found a new life! All this pent-up creativity, welling up to take on the day! In my view, is a more life-like approach to Forum activity. I mean, life just keeps coming at you and there is no let-up. A free-for-all? a riot? or a profusion of examples of our peaceful and laudable craft; good call, I'd say!

    take care!
    sd cisco

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    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

    Hey SD. Thank you for listening and commenting. I am pleased that you enjoyed this. I was trying to emulate the sound of an incredible small ensemble arranger, Oliver Nelson. As you can see, I invented a new genre of music called "traditional jaxx". For some reason I was not able to edit it. Oh well. I am sure people will understand my brain and typing dysfunction. This forum is getting pretty exciting isn't it. I barely get done listening to one post, and another one pops. Quite cool.
    Thanks, Jay

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    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

    The opening set my brain-database to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers!
    I loved this piece, store it in a save place, please.


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    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

    Thanks Raymond. I am definitely not going to loose the mp3. It is a shame that I lost so much of this piece because I really wanted to remaster. Oh well.
    Thanks for listening and commenting. Jay

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    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

    AH this is great - our resident Jazz Meister is back in full swing. Or I guess that should be "Jaxx Meister."

    Superb track, Jay - And you say this is of some age. Goes to show you've been in control of your MIDI Jazz chops for quite some time. It is a shame you don't have the project files anymore, no MIDI to go back to - painful. But at least you have this recording, and it sounds much more than just acceptable - it's Great!

    How 'bout this Forum though?! I haven't had this much fun here in ages. I'm so glad people picked up the gauntlet and ran with the challenge!


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    Oct 2009
    Canyon, Texas, USA

    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jazz)

    Really, really nice work, Jay. Congratulations.


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    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

    Hey Randy! I thank you for the nice words. I am semi disgusted with myself for losing the data for this and for four other pieces that I really liked. I just have to get better at managing my material. That in itself will be a challenge for me.
    It is nice to have some forum members get into "JAXX" music a little. This is a good place for me to get my music heard and to get great advice. As far as the forum goes, YEE HA!. This activity is just tremendous and all this great music popping up. How cool is that!

    Norman. I appreciate your input and am glad that you liked this. Garritan horns always come thru for me. They add so much to the kind of music that I like to write.

    Thank you both for your input. It is much appreciated. Jay

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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

    Hey Jayxx,

    I figured you meant to call it jaxx (figured it was triple-X jazz ... the REAL afterhours stuff!

    Well, this was Great, Jay! Have it downloaded for vacation mix CD's along w/ a few other great Festival postings.

    Yeah, I can definately hear the Oliver Nelson influence ... a la his "Stolen Moments" period. He was one of my favorites ... could score for anything ... combo, medium ensemble, big band, large big band, film and TV scores, you name it. He also gave back to the education markets and, man, could he play the saxes ... amazing improviser (wrote a great book "Patterns For Saxophone"). I heard he had taken on so much work (everybody wanted his arrangements) and was so exhausted, he went to take a hot bath one evening and suffered a massive heart attack ... dead @ only 43. RIP, Oliver.

    I like that harmonic run between 0:22 & 0:30 (and the repeats of course) ... yeah, that was reminisent of Monk's "'Round Midnight". I always like your harmonic sensibilities; always a great ride. BTW, nice solos ... just a great, late night at the jazz club Jay ...


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    Re: reflection in a window (traditional jaxx)

    Hey Franxx! It's always nice to hear good things about my music. Thanks for that. I had no idea that Nelson died so young. I saw a picture of him on stage, and I swear he looked like he was 90 years old. He was truly one of the best composer/arrangers of the jazz idiom. Thanks for listening. Jay

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