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Topic: Solo Flute, First Demo

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    Solo Flute, First Demo

    1 articulation (legato with delayed vibrato) with 6 dynamic layers. Right \"out of the box\" no outboard reverb.


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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo

    Hello Kirk!
    Sounds nice, do you have any plans for other solo woodwinds?

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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo

    Very nice!!

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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo

    thought I had forgot to unplugg my earplugs..

    What happened to the treble?

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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo

    Nicely captured flute tone, but terrible recording or post production or whatever is causing that knockoff of the high frequencies. Are you doing some heavy noise reduction on your samples? That\'s what it sounds like to me. It\'s been the problem with all your stuff, and it really makes things sound unnatural. Please post a demo of this flute without the noise reduction applied, if you still have the raw sound material. I\'m sure most users would like it a lot more. What you do when you take away the hiss is that you also take away the AIR, PRESENCE and much of the CHARACTER of the samples. All these things are crucial details and contributes to the overall realism and of course sound quality. I\'d rather have a hissy sample than a completely lifeless and sterile one.

    So Kirk, I think you\'d be helping your business if you posted an unprocessed snippet of the flute samples. The same thing goes for your brass, really.

    I\'ve tried to contain myself from saying these things.
    I think it\'s a shame to see such big libraries with obviously well thoughtout articulations and good musicians be dragged through the dirt, so to speak (the noise reduction is what I\'m referring to here) and I wish you wouldn\'t post process your samples at all. Really. There\'s something terribly wrong here. Either you\'re using lousy mics and other cheap equipment for your recording sessions, or you\'re just afraid the noise in your samples is excessive, thus you reduce your raw material into something very lifeless and strange sounding. I\'m not trying to hang you out to dry here. I\'m just trying to get you on the right track.

    You can regard this information for what you think it\'s worth, but you wanted feedback from an end user\'s perspective and this is what you get from me. You may choose to ignore it, but you\'re only fooling yourself. I\'m sure you want to make money as much as the other developer guys, and while you\'ve pretty much covered all the issues that need to be dealt with in a library (size, articulations, dynamics, playability) you\'re still missing a really important one. SOUND QUALITY. And sound quality does NOT equal noise reduction.

    Now correct me if I\'m wrong with regards to your post processing, but if it\'s not the post processing then I don\'t know what it is.

    The flute itself sounds good though, even if it sounds like it\'s missing all the top frequencies that really makes a flute complete.


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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo

    I hear it now. I had 5.1 on. oops.

    Is the lack of highs in the mp3 maybe?

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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo

    I totally agree with Thomas\' opinion. Unfortunately none of your libraries\' demos have ever made me want them. I\'m sure there\'s some great potential in lots of the stuff you do but this sound quality really takes alot from it.


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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo


    I have played Kirk\'s Solo Strings Giga files.
    I thought the tone was very nice and the recording clean.
    I did find a tad too much bite for my taste but Kirk made a more mellow sample.

    Sound goods to me

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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo

    I just received Kirk\'s Solo Strings, and I don\'t find any problem with HF rolloff or excessive noise reduction. You guys don\'t know what you\'re missing.

    After I\'ve spent more time with them, I\'ll post a full review. For now let me just say that I liked them right out of the box. They\'re fun to play, can be agressive, sweet or dark, and will only get better with the future update. Buyer regret? No chance. This is a top quality library at a very reasonable price.

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    Re: Solo Flute, First Demo

    Nah! Told ya so [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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