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Topic: Garritan Aria English Horn Bug (EWI-USB)?

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    Garritan Aria English Horn Bug (EWI-USB)?


    First let me say how much enjoyment I've been getting out of my EWI USB and the Garritan Aria Library! I received the EWI and the Aria software last week and have been playing for hours. Tonight I was playing around with the English Horn module and noticed what I think may be a bug. When you play the middle octave F and then middle octive G the two sounds seem almost like different instruments. The best way I can describe the difference in the two notes is the F has the distinct English Horn growl but the G has a softer non growl sound. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Or am I loosing my mind, LOL!

    Phil Geissler

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    Re: Garritan Aria English Horn Bug (EWI-USB)?

    Thanks for posting the question here, Phil.

    EWI users - Earlier I replied to Phil at the Tech Support Forum where he first posted this question. I asked him to head over here where the traffic is heaviest, and re-post his question. I'm hoping someone with an EWI can help him out. Rich?--Could you check on this?

    I've checked my GPO English Horn and can't hear this issue Phil's talking about. So I'm assuming the sample set that comes with the EWI is different.

    Please check on this for Phil if you can. Thanks.


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    Re: Garritan Aria English Horn Bug (EWI-USB)?

    I have an EWI, and I do hear what you are talking about. But it is in other places too--but not to the degree. The notes I hear that have the different sounds are the G, G#, and A. Then on the Bb, the raspy tone comes back to some degree.

    It also happens on the higher octave between the G and A.

    When I play the GPO4 samples, I get the same effect (different than what Randy reports). It appears that these samples are shared between GPO4 and EWI USB.

    So, no you are not loosing your mind. There may be a way to edit the SFZ files to improve those notes, but not sure.

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    Re: Garritan Aria English Horn Bug (EWI-USB)?

    My findings are similar to the above.
    Certain notes do sound different in GPO.

    Upon examining the sfz file I do find that certain notes are being processed in different ways to the general note processes. I shall try to examine it in more detail (my sfz skills are novice) to determine what is going on.


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    Re: Garritan Aria English Horn Bug (EWI-USB)?

    Thanks Randy, jd and John. I'm glad I'm not losing my mind, lol. It seems to be a minor thing, but I was just curious. I do not believe it diminishes the enjoyment of the Aria Library. I'm having a blast playing with the instruments. It's opened up a new world of music to me!


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    Re: Garritan Aria English Horn Bug (EWI-USB)?

    See, Phil? Aren't you glad you re-posted your question here in General Discussion? I'm glad you've gotten responses like I thought you would.

    The discussion inspired me to take another listen, a more critical one this time, since Jim "jdsnyderii" confirmed that the EWI has the same English Horn samples as GPO.--QUESTION though - there are two E Horn soloists in GPO. #1 has mono samples, #2 has stereo samples. Then there are also the 3 Player instruments derived from sample set 1. Which one of these is used in the EWI, or are all of them?

    In any case - I hear it now, the difference between that middle F and G. The F has a slightly brighter tone, and its vibrato (recorded as part of the sample) comes in sooner and is more pronounced than on the G.

    I've used the E Horn a lot over the years that I've been using GPO, but never noticed that before. But I always use it in an ensemble setting, and have never scrutinized it note-by-note. Someone using an EWI, playing it in solo, would indeed be more apt to notice these kinds of discrepancies.

    It's something that's generally true about sample sets, that samples don't match perfectly across their programmed range. Slight differences in the way each note was individually played, and in the choices made by the engineers, finding loop points etc.

    - I wouldn't mess with the SFZ file to try for an improvement. As you've noted, John, the SFZ programming is complex on this, the way it is on most all of the Garritan instruments. Introducing bits of code to get the most out of each sample is part of what you see there - I can't imagine any of us really improving on what the programming team already did.

    So, what I can say from experience is that when using this or any software instrument, when they're being played, especially in ensemble, the slight tonal variations actually add a rather organic naturalness to recordings, unlike the old days of using purely synth sounds or early synth/sample hybrids which sounded so perfectly the same across the keyboard.

    Interesting though!


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    Re: Garritan Aria English Horn Bug (EWI-USB)?

    Thanks for your help Randy! Aria is awesome, no complaints here .

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