I allow myself to make these two a different post, cause they`re quite different from what I usually do.

I have just taken part in English National Opera`s composers competition, to write a 5-7 minutes opera on given librettos.

My first entry is a mono-scene of a young woman`s reflections and thoughts about a man she met once by chance, and hopes there will be something for real, cause for now they just kept emailing each other. Its called "3AM Blues":


The second entry is more of an oratorio. The original libretto deals with the death of an government inspector who revealed some info to the press, and became target for accusations (its actually has ground in a true story). He dies, and the premise of the piece is, his heart fails in light of a situation he`s got into.

My version is called "Inspector`s Passion", and consists of 4 scenes, and two participants - the Crowd, and the Reporter. First scene shows the Crowd dissatisfied with the turnout of this story, stating that the Inspector was a fall-guy, and a fool, who was set up, and spat out. Then comes in the Reporter proclaiming his views on the press. An interlude depicts his meeting with the Inspector and persuasion to reveal him some facts. The final shows the Crowd decrying Inspector`s death, and asking God to bless his soul: