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Topic: USB Midi Transmission: Stupid Idea?

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    USB Midi Transmission: Stupid Idea?

    I\'ve been looking for a midi solution for a while now with no luck. I was wondering if anyone knows of any products that work like MidiOverLAN but use USB, Firewire, etc. as a transmission medium.

    This would eliminate the need for multiple midi cables from computer to computer let alone free us of the need for a midi interface for each computer. With a USB hub on your sequencing computer for example, the USB bandwidth should be enough for any multi-computer midi requirements.

    I was informed by the MOL developers that they will not be developing MOL for the Mac platform. This solution would also be usable by Mac users.

    Anybody out there heard anything about something like this? Would this even work?

    Any comments?

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: USB Midi Transmission: Stupid Idea?

    Depending on your squencer, this product look interesting:


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    Re: USB Midi Transmission: Stupid Idea?

    Actually I was thinking of something to transmit just the midi. This appears to be functionally equivalent to System Link and is limited to VST\'s only and PC only. I believe Cubase SX does something very similar.

    Very cool for running verb\'s through another computer for example. However, I was looking for something to be able to drive GigaStudio\'s midi needs without buying so much midi hardware.

    It really would be worth their while for someone to write a program for OSX that does what MOL does but cross platform.

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    Re: USB Midi Transmission: Stupid Idea?

    you might be interested in tracking the progress at distributed midi

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    Re: USB Midi Transmission: Stupid Idea?

    I\'m not sure understanding your question but Midiman maid some usb midi port. Here, we use 2 Midiman 2x2 usb and it works very well. We use it for one giga computer (the other use another midi card).

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    Re: USB Midi Transmission: Stupid Idea?

    I understand you Ben, you mean a direct midi connection via software through the usb ports. [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'ve been asking looking for this for quite sometime. I think this would work great with usb 2.0 I\'m sure something will come up very soon [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: USB Midi Transmission: Stupid Idea?

    I agree with you 1000 percent.
    I want to take 2 laptops around with me.
    1 titanium running performer and a pc laptop running giga/kontakt/atmoshpere/trilogy.

    To just be able to run ONE cord between them for midi just makes sense!

    For now I made a multipair snake cable for midi ins outs. At least this way its not 6 seperate loose cables getting tangled up all the time.
    But I still need 2 midi interfaces which is a waste of money - space - and sofware issues.

    Midi over lan for mac would be awesome. To bad its won\'t happen.

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