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Topic: Sample CD Licence

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    Sample CD Licence

    When you buy a sample CD, you buy the licence to use the samples. I was wondering what this licence is. Is it the account of the distributor where you bought the CD, or is it the CD itself, or something else?

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    Re: Sample CD Licence

    A license agreement is set up by the developer and should always be included with the CD, often burned on the first or last page(s) of the booklet or printed onto the cd itself.

    Most licenses are fairly the same, but there are some that have special additions or \"demands\". Sometimes you have to credit the library in your music productions (booklet or screen). Or certain kinds of interactive media music could be forbidden.

    Some developers put their license agreement online, which is fair, as you can then check if you agree BEFORE purchasing and having send over the discs.


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    Re: Sample CD Licence

    Thanks for your clear explanation.

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