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Topic: New User Needs Help

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    New User Needs Help

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Jeff and this is my first post on this form. I got GPO 4 on
    the first of the month and have been working hard with it ever
    since. I have posted some music at
    https://www.box.com/s/9a545d76b83591b8a4a8 Please let me know how I
    am doing so I can do better. I was also wondering which notation
    and/or DAW programs you are using or for some reason not using.
    Thanks for all your help!


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    Re: New User Needs Help

    Certainly you have been working hard. These are substantial scores to have rendered... With orchestral works getting realism in the strings is a difficulty and the strings here do sound "synthetic". I have used them too, but for a more realistic sound (or let's say "natural") I had to use a different sample library. I have only listened to the scherzo of the Dvořák symphony in fact, but I assume the others have a similar sound. The GPO woodwinds are very serviceable as is much of the brass, but you need to be very careful with the strings. Maybe look out a tutorial on how to use the strings effectively, I'm sure I've seen that mentioned somewhere. The main thing to take care of is where to apply legato and where not to.

    As for what notation software to use and so on, I personally haven't used Finale except for a trial version I found hard to use, but Sibelius is not bad at all. For post-production and so on I've been using Audacity (the envelope tool can be useful). I don't know if GPO can be used on Linux successfully now, but if it can you can use Rosegarden for notation (and for mixing etc.). For typesetting of music LilyPond is best, but you need to create your scores in a markup language rather than click and point on staves, and again I'm not sure about how well it's now integrated with other Linux music software. I find it excellent for creating score, but not good for playing the music.

    It really depends on what you can get to work together to do what you want and that's found by trial and error. I tried pretty much everything I could and worked out eventually what combination I was going to use. It gets complicated!

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    Re: New User Needs Help

    Thank you very much for your reply. I did not like the strings myself but I
    thought it might just have been me changing from GM to sampled
    sounds. I was thinking about getting Miroslav Philharmonik I have
    heard it has nicer strings out of the box. We will have to see how
    the money goes. I have Sibelius and really like it. I also have
    Notion which has a much faster input setup.

    I use Pro Tools and Cubase for DAWs.
    Thanks again for your input,


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