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Topic: Action cue, tips please...

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    Action cue, tips please...

    In the interest of having my comps pirated to China and appearing as a chase theme on one of thier daytime karate chop soap operas, here\'s a little something for the far east.

    Oh yeah, and if some of you guys here can give me some feedback that would be great too.


    thanks guys


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    Re: Action cue, tips please...

    Great Job. One thing that sticks out for me and instantly confirms that it is midi and not a real orchestra is the writing for the trumpets. Being a trumpet player.....make sure the part is written in such a way that there are places to breathe. Those higth 16th note runs towards the end go for quite a while and would be near impossible to have it played by a single player or by all the trumpets in unison. It would have to be split up among the different players in the section....which would have a unique sound as the different parts combine to make that one compositional line.

    Does that make sense? I am not saying get rid of the line.....it is good there.....Just break it up a little (maybe slight panning the trumpet in different sections of the line) to make it seems like more realistic performnace by live people. If you orchestrate things by always keeping in mind places for wind players to breathe....your midi orchestrations of the wind parts will seem more realistic.

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    Re: Action cue, tips please...

    Hey Brian,
    I don\'t know whether to laugh or cry. The reason those trumpet players are going on so long with that riff is because they are... er... playing...um... violins... It\'s GOS light Second Vios. I got in as many fluctuating articulations as I could to make it not sound machine gunny. I think there is so much going on at that point that they may be a bit buried, but that\'s ok since they are just an accent to me. The problem, I guess is that they sound like trumpets!
    I did toy with panning them back and forth as an experiment (the violins that is)... interesting effect. I may play more with the idea. Maybe switching back and forth to Violas. I believe they have a bit more bite.
    Or if all else fails try it with trumpets!

    Thanks for listening though.


    Oooh , I just noticed... My 100th post!
    Just want to say a huge thank you to all. This forum has been an inspiring and educating place for me. Some great minds and great composers. You are all invited to Thanksgiving!!!

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    Re: Action cue, tips please...

    For what it\'s worth, the fast runs at the end sound like violins to me.

    I can certainly understand how anyone could misidentify them after just one or two listens, though. Timbre is harder to recognize in the extreme upper and lower ranges.

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    Re: Action cue, tips please...

    Yea....and can hear that now. Still a little trumpet like to me though I have to admit I am listening to your MP3 on my regular computer speakers and not my studio setup. Perhaps go back to what you did originally and try to create some spacial ambiance with the strings. Perhaps put the violins in octaves if they aren\'t already. Record the violins (or all the strings) on a seperate audio track from the rest of the stuff (if you haven\'t already), and play with their reverb a little.

    Just throwing out ideas. Good Job.

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    Re: Action cue, tips please...

    Thanks guys. Sharmy, I took your suggestion and added some stac cbass AND cellos. Yeah I know , I\'m just nutsy that way. The cbass track put me over the polyphony limit and gave me the dreaded core audio overload but a simple bounce solved that. Also changed the first vios to violas to see what that could do. Like you said , creative choice on the trumpet pans. Not sure of the results overall. Lemme know what you think.

    1st one

    2nd one

    thanks again guys


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