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Topic: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

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    Arrow SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    Symphony No. 4
    By David Sosnowski

    I. The Realization of Light
    II. The Emergence of Time
    III. The Discourse of Stars

    Originally conceived together as the movements of a symphony,
    these three pieces were initially introduced to the forum
    separately across 2006-2007.

    At that time I felt that these movements might be so demanding,
    each of themselves, that the listener might be disserved by
    the efforts of hearing them all of a whole, together.

    Subsequently, with the perspective time brings, I realized that,
    integated in their underpinnings as they are, they would make
    far greater sense presented as conceived, as a symphony.

    Here are the links to the three original forum threads:

    I. The Realization of Light
    II. The Emergence of Time
    III. The Discourse of Stars

    The full symphony can also be listened to at www.DavidSosnowski.com
    Complete scores for the movements are also available on the site.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music
    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    These works are really great. I am just amazed that you did this David "in your spare time." Super quality work and worthy of emulation. Thanks again for posting these. If you folks have not heard this, you really should take the time to listen. It is not very often you get to interact directly with a composer of works of this size and quality.

    Thanks David

    Best wishes


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    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    Hello David! It is about time you posted something of yours in the listening room!

    Talk about epic! This is incredible, both in size and scope. Your No. 4 is intensely intricate, and really does a great job of splashing aural color at every possible moment. I loved the piano chord at the end of the second movement: suddenly bare and echoing into forever.

    The start of the third certainly provides more of a contrast to the rest of the symphony. I really enjoyed the calm serenity of the slowly moving strings after the pure, perhaps unsettling, motion of the first two movements. Thanks for sharing this incredible work!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Senior Member sd cisco's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Southern Ontario, Canada

    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    What a stupendous and impressive posting!! I have taken the liberty of downloading all 3 movements and get them together, on a CD. That will make it easier to listen to each movement consecutively, as was intended, I am sure.

    Your skill and creativity are unrivaled, in my view. Those horns with the slow attack, the amazing percussion - the writing and the sophisticated POV, the style; you are a remarkable composer, to say the least!
    I am equally impressed with the "sound" you are getting with the renders. If it is not too much to ask, might you review your setup? Type of computer, soundcard, your choices for fx and ambiance. I'd like to know, if it is possible for me to know, as much as possible about how you achieved that end of the production.
    But, to return to the writing for a moment; any and all would do well to listen and absorb what you have done and understand that what they are hearing is truly "new" music and that it is World Class music, well informed as to style and content, with all influences so fully integrated, the resultant composing is original and very powerful.
    David, you have done a great job, and also I was very impressed with your website, looks super organized and also displays your many other compositions. And a great notion too, to employ an archivist!!

    Thank you for posting and sharing!

    sd cisco

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    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    Today, July 25, 2012, we're a few days into The Listening Room Summer Festival, and it can be dubbed a huge success.

    We haven't had this kind of liveliness light up the Forum in eons.

    New and "old" music alike keeps popping up like flowers blossoming in time lapse film. Along with new projects, people like DPDAN, Michael "Sanyarem," Michael Wiktor, Frank D., Jim "jdsnyderii," and now David "et lux" are bringing back some great projects previously posted here - and I hope all of our new members are having a listen, and getting a good picture of how spectacular our Garritan Listening Room can be.

    As David briefly explains, the three movements of this exciting symphony were originally posted one-by-one on the Forum. Now it's an event unto itself, to have these gathered together in one post. The sum total is a thrilling, continuously inventive, highly informed and meticulously realized mass of music that everyone will be the richer for having heard.

    THANK YOU, David.


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    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    I initially posted this on your old post. Randy B. suggested that I put my reply here.

    Hey David! To my ears, your orchestrations are the best sounding that I have ever heard with samples. You have such great control over dynamics, room, and tempo, and your sense of grouping instruments to achieve your sound is superb. A friend of mine was very much into this style of music, and he made me aware of at least one way to appreciate it. He called it FLOW. It took me some years to understand it because I was then, and am still, more comfortable with more tonally oriented music. Listening to the flow of a piece rather than its tonal base (or non tonal base for that matter) helps me appreciate it in a different way. No disrespect intended, but this style of music expression eludes my musical sensibilities, FLOW or no FLOW. I enjoy connecting to things I listen to in a relatively tonal way with non tonal pockets for comparative effect. Don't misunderstand me, I think these 3 pieces are of the highest quality of music. Just because I don't like bagels and cream cheese, does not mean that bagels and cream cheese isn't tasty food for someone else.
    I am sure that I over elaborated here, but I do appreciate your work. Thanks for the post.

    By the way. You asked what my fumble was in my song "reflections in a window". I was trying type in "traditional jazz" for a description and fumbled with my fingers and typed "traditional jaxx".
    Talk to you later. Jay

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    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael A. Wiktor View Post

    Glad to see these great works reappear.
    I will post a quote from me years ago that I think
    applies to all the movements in your Symphony No.4:

    ""...and now for something completely different", for all you Monty fans;... This is quality. This is refinement. This is pure expression. You really challenge me to improve; to perfect my own voice and pursue a new level of craftsmanship in my own works.
    Thanks David...""

    Great to see you here, Michael!

    It is a great pleasure for me to think I might in some
    small way have encouraged your superb work!


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    It was great to listen to these as movements of your Symphony No. 4

    I think the last movement is the most assessable and my favorite of the three.

    You really have created your own musical universe here. Maybe it's reluctant spirituality. So many unanswered questions.

    I hope to see this on iTunes performed by a world class symphony orchestra some day.


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    Re: SYMPHONY NO. 4 (Sosnowski)

    and again, this was and will be a favorite piece of mine.


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