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Topic: Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love (Romantic Ocean)

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    Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love (Romantic Ocean)

    This is another arrangement I did for the, The Theme of Love," from Final Fantasy IV. I added some atmosphere by introducing the ocean. My vision while arranging this was romance by the ocean shore.

    Sorry if I am posting a lot of FF arrangements these days. I am working on a project over the next little while that is going to consist of several different arrangements to FF and other game music.

    Instrument Libraries Included:
    Garritan Instant Orchestra: Harp, Choir, String Section 1, String Section 2, String Section 3
    Dimension Pro - Garritan Pocket Orchestra: Flute
    Ocean Effect - This was obtained off a site a few years ago sharing outdoor sounds

    Original Version:

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    Re: Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love (Romantic Ocean)

    Hi, Richard - Very pretty piece, thanks for again exposing me to some nice music I haven't heard before.

    But what's this "Sorry I am posting a lot off FF arrangements..."--? I'm enjoying, other folks are too. You keep posting whatever you want, nobody's rolling their eyes!

    OK - I've been getting self conscious, as I've said before, about seeming to constantly be giving you info and tips, like I'm always lecturing you. You've been very gracious about it - I can tell you know I'm just trying to be helpful.

    That being said - There are things you're still not doing with your MIDI which is curtailing the potential effectiveness of your recordings. If you'd adapt just a few new work habits, I can almost guarantee you that it will be obvious to all your listeners that you've moved up to a new level with your work.

    This current recording still has the broken, detached quality to the strings which was discussed on your last thread. You must start doing a few things to smooth out passages like that.

    On your last thread I gave you these tips:

    "Things to do for getting the smoothest string legato in IO:

    --On the Controls window (of ARIA), turn the Expression Switch on. That engages "Extend (GPO"). What that does is make CC1 or 11 the only volume control. Velocity only controls the attack of the samples. This is the way it is in GPO, and that's why it's labeled "GPO." The default is General Midi (GM) where velocity also helps control volume. So, switch that to GPO mode.

    --Then in your MIDI editor, for your legato passages, make sure the velocity levels are low. The higher they are, the more pronounced the beginning of each note will be.

    --Also in your MIDI editor, make sure all the notes in legato passages overlap slightly, but not so much as to cause a blur."

    On that thread you said, "...I will have to try your advice Randy. I still haven't played around too much with the cc controls..."

    And that's true, you do need to do that, but the way to smooth out your strings isn't MIDI CC work as much as editing work - adjusting the velocities and the lengths of notes.

    Then you need to realize the working with CCs is simply part of using MIDI. They really shouldn't be thought of as optional, or "icing on the cake." A painter sketches in some areas on his canvas - those are the notes. Then he paints - that's the MIDI Cc work, the process of bringing the raw note data to life.

    In this piece, the harp is again all at the same velocity level. I don't care that old games had that constant volume, da da da da sound - you're producing music of more sophistication now. Those harp lines are lovely, and would be lovelier if the notes weren't all at the same level.

    Besides the editing of the string notes described above, they need to be Played via CC1 or 11, so they shimmer and glide more like real strings. It's not difficult to do, and doesn't take much time. Record CC1 with your Mod Wheel, or draw in hills and valleys in your Piano Roll View.

    And so on.

    All offered in hopes of being helpful.


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    Re: Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love (Romantic Ocean)

    Thanks for the feedback Randy! I am going to tackle the task and go back to the midi file. I will change the video in the post once I complete the file with your advice.

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    Re: Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love (Romantic Ocean)

    Hello sururik!

    I could always go for more video game music

    I think your arrangement is nice. The reverb is spot on - clear, but not sterile. I do agree, that if you can get those strings smoothed out to have more phrasing and expression as they progress through the melody, your recording, though good as it is, will really become something on a whole other level (like, the ice level, rather than forest level...er... something like that.)

    Anyways, I look forward to hearing what you come up with when you are done making your adjustments!
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    Re: Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love (Romantic Ocean)

    Hi Richard,

    Very nice ... this may be my favorite of the gaming pieces you've been posting the past couple of months. Thanks for sharing this arrangement.

    I love that you kept it very simple and pure ... Nobu really composed a lovely theme and your arrangement respected the plaintive nature of it.

    Also, I really appreciated the link to the source arrangement. I understand the original was in a game, but your's was much better ... Nice work!


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