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Topic: Calling all Hard Drive Gurus

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    Calling all Hard Drive Gurus

    My BIOS tells me my new 250gb drive is only a 136gb, but Win 2k shows me the correct capacity and allowed me to format it. How is this possible? I\'m a bit north of the Bermuda Triangle. So that\'s not it. I\'m aware of the 136gb disk size limit for an older BIOS such as mine, but Windows seems to ignore it. Everything seems fine now, but will I see a problem later? Please explain.

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    Re: Calling all Hard Drive Gurus

    I\'ve got the most current BIOS for my board.

    I was able to copy a bunch of stuff to the new drive, thus filling it up and proving that it is useable. I\'m just wondering if there will be a performance issue or a problem later on.

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    Re: Calling all Hard Drive Gurus

    I solved this by downloading a registry fix from Maxtor\'s (I think) website - think it needs XP SP1 to be installed first. (not sure about 2K though)

    Word of warning though - if you re-install windows at a later date and forget to install the regfix and SP1, you run the risk of data corruption. Even if windows appears to read it at first, it can happen over time.


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    Re: Calling all Hard Drive Gurus

    Yes, I had to make a registry entry for Enable Big Lba. That allowed Win 2k to see the full capacity. Does that bypass the need for the BIOS to see the larger size or must they both work together? So far no problems, but I don\'t want it to come back and bite me later.

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    Re: Calling all Hard Drive Gurus

    Can\'t you update your BIOS? Look on the manufacturer\'s website, they might have an update that will support more than 136GB.

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    Re: Calling all Hard Drive Gurus

    timzydee - sorry - hadn\'t read your post correctly. This is a quote from another forum

    48-bit LBA needs software support only, no hardware support is required on the motherboard.

    It works by sending LBA data to the same port addresses twice - the drive toggles the data internally to assemble the 48-bit address. First 4 bytes are sent to the 4 LBA registers, then the next 4 bytes to the same register addresses (old-style LBA is 28-bit so uses 3 1/2 registers).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">So I guess if you\'ve already tested filling the drive up past 136gb and it worked you should be fine in the long run.


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