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Topic: Meisa’s Lullaby [Wiegenlied/Brahms’ Lullaby] [BigBand]

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    Meisa’s Lullaby [Wiegenlied/Brahms’ Lullaby] [BigBand]

    Meisa’s Lullaby [Wiegenlied/Brahms’ Lullaby]

    I have arranged this for big band, with the saxes playing flute, clarinet and bass clarinet. It features a flugelhorn soloist with the rest of band backing him up. I have taken many liberties with the piece.

    I have retitled the piece Meisa’s Lullaby in honor of my granddaughter.

    Those of you who take time to listen I hope you will enjoy it and I pray that the fans of Brahms will not stone me.

    Score Exchange: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/102617.html

    Amaze FM: http://www.amaze.fm/artist/Ed_Sharpe/meisas-lullaby/

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ImBoWAg-Ks

    note: All JABB done in Sibelius.
    // Ars longa, vita brevis
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    Re: Meisa’s Lullaby [Wiegenlied/Brahms’ Lullaby] [BigBand]

    Hello Ed! I watched the youtube video, and I have to admit, Meisa is adorable!

    That being said...

    This arrangement is nice! I felt the chord at 2:40 was a bit too loud, but otherwise this was very enjoyable! Thanks for sharing the music and the photos!
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    Re: Meisa’s Lullaby [Wiegenlied/Brahms’ Lullaby] [BigBand]

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for posting this; a real interesting arrangement/variation on 'The Lullaby'. I think even though this was generated from a notation program, there's enough here to imagine what this would sound like performed by a big band. Nice work.

    Loved the flute/clarinet voicings and the overall 'fat' harmonies ... a little reminiscent of some of the Johnny Richards' charts for Stan Kenton in the early 60's (minus the mellophoniums and yours is more modern). Also, nice use of the harmon-muted trumpets; always a good color on these ballad arrangements, especially w/ the woodwind doubles.


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    Re: Meisa’s Lullaby [Wiegenlied/Brahms’ Lullaby] [BigBand]

    Nice arrangement of this, Ed... enjoyed the listen.

    Meisa's a little doll!


    David Sosnowski

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