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Topic: Tinker

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    Well, I am happy to see the Summer Festival still has legs!! I hope to catch up today with making comments, after a day and a half with no internet, due to a bad thunderstorm.

    "TINKER", is a 9 min animated film I made back in Dec/11. I was in a decidedly different frame of mind at that time, in that I finally retired at the end of 2011. Leading up to the moment when I finally kissed my boss good-bye, after 8 years with the company, I was clearly going through a lot of turmoil, mixed with anticipation. I am really enjoying all the time I now have, and I am well positioned to break new creative ground, as I have outfitted myself with a lot of new gear and s/w.
    I know this Forum is mainly to do with music, but using music in films is the norm, and is important, so I believe this film has relevance, in that regard.
    "TINKER" reveals itself over the 9 minutes and it is capable of explaining itself and does not need my further assistance to do so. The soundtrack is made up of one track with a kind of Hodge-podge of audio/atmospheric effects and an additional five or six tracks , with instruments as well. The musical instruments used were all from GPO4, including the Contra Bassoon solo1, the Harp 1,Celeste, Basses, the Wind Machine, and so on.
    I created the film with iClone 5 PRO, but I used an earlier video editor for the editing.
    The ending of the film is quite a bit different than the endings of "Cold Call" or "In Lieu of Ransom". The phrase, "....things are not always as they seem", applies.

    Be sure and let me know what you think.

    Thank you,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Tinker

    WHeeeeeeee! The Sd Cisco Theatre has its doors open again with a new featurette!

    More great fun - "Tink" looks super, the look of the whole thing is great, soundtrack is creepy and equally fun. Thanks for the entertainment, Sd - I Must start popping some corn for these adventures though - I was left wanting to have popcorn to munch on while I watched.

    I love how varied contributions in The Listening Room can be. I remember when I first looked in on the Forum, shortly after buying GPO in 2006, I was a bit intimidated over how Seeeerious it seemed here, with the emphasis on classical music which isn't my primary area of interest.

    But I kept coming back, and soon enough discovered that these Garritan Forums are simply the best, most friendly such bulletin boards I've ever found online. And its the diversity of people here, with their diversity of interests, which keeps the Forum going - SO, thanks much, Sd, for helping to keep all those good attributes of the Forum alive.


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    Re: Tinker

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music
    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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