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Topic: Listening moments - a new piano piece

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    Listening moments - a new piano piece

    Another short piano piece for my serier "simple things on piano"


    I made it in just one evening and one morning, maybe I will refine it in the future... for now I like it, maybe I have to develop more the themes before the ending.... and sooner or later I have to find someone to play all these pieces in a decent manner!

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    Re: Listening moments - a new piano piece

    Why is it, I wonder, that my browser, Firefox, won't play the soundcloud player?


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    Re: Listening moments - a new piano piece

    Hello bosone! Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed the clean simplicity of this, and the piano sounds incredible. Mind if I ask which sample you used?

    Though I agree you could certainly develop the themes a bit more, I always enjoy something like this!

    John, I was able to get this playing in my Firefox browser, you may need to make sure you have the latest version of Firefox.
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: Listening moments - a new piano piece

    Hello, Matteo - I'm always glad to see you pop up on the Forum. Thanks for the new music!

    The ability to sit down at a piano and in such a short time come up with material like this is something I really admire. Reminds me a bit of myself in another era, back when I had nothing but a real piano to play. I haven't done something like what you've done here in just forever, but I can't claim to ever have been as good at it as you.

    Very nice ideas come up in this. You've made for yourself a wonderful project later on, working this even more,
    expanding, wherever your fertile musical imagination takes you. Great!

    I'd have to guess this is the Garritan Authorized Steinway, yes?

    Soundcloud - I'm on Firefox, and this site has always worked for me. Making sure you have the latest version is good advice, but for me Soundcloud has always worked on all previous versions. Hmmm. Does that site need Flash installed? I don't know. Or there's some audio codec missing your computer, John?

    Bosone - Matteo, thank you very much for posting the lovely piano music!


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    Re: Listening moments - a new piano piece

    thanks everyone for listening!
    actually, my greatest flaw is that i'm not even a piano player... I can play keyboard but in order to develop this music I have to rely on the sequencer, since I usually play the parts separately, and maybe later rearrange them on Sonar or add some notes here and there, according to my taste... sometimes I wonder what could i do if i ever studied piano when i was young!

    I definitely have to develop these ideas more. and maybe find some friend to play these as a real piano player would do. :P

    regarding the sound: I always use the standard GPO piano, not the authorized Stainway: I really love it for my music and style. I also have komplete 8 and I have tried all the pianos included (berlin, new york, vienna...) and the stock pianos of kontakt 5 but none give me the feeling of the GPO piano. It has a really nice, warm and "round" sound that i really love!
    I just added a simple reverb for the take.

    thanks again for listening!

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