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Topic: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

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    The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    This is the first part to my 2012 version of my composition, The Dramatic War. The composition is meant to be atmospheric, sorrowful, and tragic. I have implemented quite a bit of dynamics into this piece.

    Currently the effect at the beginning is used by GIO. The later composition will consist of more GIO instruments. The sound effects were from: http://crowds.ambient-mixer.com

    The composition will consist of several different parts.

    Louder SFX version:

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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    it is certainly very cinematic. and dramatic.

    for my taste, it's probably a tiny bit too much "special effects" in proportion to the music, but that's not so much a criticism as a comment on my own taste.

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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    I'd have to agree with the cowboy, the sound fx are pretty distracting...but I like it!

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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    Very heavy, Richard - Sober, dramatic music with a very effecting mood as you move through the dignified, simple, and sorrowful chord progression.

    I had been rather determined to not step up to the podium for a lecture this time on one of your threads - hehe - well, I won't quite get up to the front of the classroom, but since the other listeners have mentioned the sound effects, I need you to know I agree with them. The dry, centered machine gun is especially just too loud.

    Here - I want you to picture scenes of violence in modern movies and TV shows. There's an extremely effective method often used nowadays - The sound effects are brought WAY down instead of up. They're sounding exactly the opposite of what you expect. The screen might be filled with blood and guts, guns being fired, bodies dropping all over - but very often the Music will be moved up, and the FX are brought down to such a low level that they can seem like they're part of a dream. The sum effect is that somehow the imagery seems all the more horrific, because they aren't being so literally and blatantly underscored with natural SFX.

    With the music at center stage and the natural sounds of carnage almost subliminal, the filmmakers are creating a good semblance of how we are in shock and too stunned to be completely in our bodies when we're surrounded with horror like that.

    You know the kinds of scenes I'm talking about - I think a very worthy experiment would be to do a test mix reversing the roles of your layers here - moving the music up front, the FX waaaaay back. You may very well find it more intense, more moving, less melodramatic.


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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    Thanks for the feedback guys! After not listening to the composition for a few hours I now also have to agree with all of you about the loudness. It happened to me again! I got lost in the composition after listening to it a hundred times. I will lower the audio of the sfx and lower the mixing of the machine gun and change the video in the main topic thanks for the feedback guys!

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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    I just uploaded the new version to the composition. The changes include: machine gun volume dramatically reduced, music increased by 1db and SFX decreased by 4db.

    I have to agree Randy, it does sound a lot more touching after the changes.

    I had been rather determined to not step up to the podium for a lecture this time on one of your threads - hehe
    LOL, thanks for giving this striving composer a break!

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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music
    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    Thanks Michael,

    I think you have a good point. A theme does generally have a melody. Perhaps this should be a prelude or something. Thanks for the feedback, and I am glad you enjoyed listening to this.



    Quote Originally Posted by Michael A. Wiktor View Post
    ...good move on lowering the FX - in general the music sets the mood perfectly. However I would like to hear a main theme/melody develop to suggest a character of the story.



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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    +1 to Michael's feedback - It's an improvement with the SFX lowered some. I admire the way you're always wanting to work more and try new things, Richard.

    Another +1 to Michael's comment that he'd like to hear a theme emerging from the sounds and chords. That would make for a stronger effect, because right now it's pure mood setting, without a strong musical center. If you think of all the classic game music you like, they all have strong, uncomplicated melodies which make them memorable. Something simple and soaring on top of all this could move it all up another notch.


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    Re: The Dramatic War - Main Theme (2012)

    Thanks Randy for the support! I am going to spend some time figuring out melody or I may use an improved version of the violin part in the previous version of the dramatic war, and figure a way to blend it in with this. I may keep this as strictly a cinematic peace as the opening of the album and then recreate this piece with the melody right after. The melody version will have no SFX.

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