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Topic: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

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    NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    What\'s the best answer to which big new library you should buy but can\'t really afford? FREE GIGS!

    Hey everybody, come on over and check out my new website for Westgate Studios. I\'ve uploaded a solo Trumpet with lots of articulations. The .rar files are free for whoever is interested. Let me know what you think. And keep an eye on the site in the coming weeks. I\'ve got more free gigs coming.

    Westgate Studios

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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!


    I\'m downloading the trumpet gigs right now. I will try them out and let you know what I think. I don\'t even think I have the right to say anything - the mere fact of you sharing the gigs for free is enough to be thankful for! How generous of you!

    By the way, the woodwind demos are also awesome!


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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    Thanks Nhick. I\'ve got alot of samples that have been \"in limbo\" for some time. I guess it\'s my way of giving back to this community that has helped me on numerous occasions.

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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    Thanks Timzy!!!

    I\'m actually short of space right now (soon I\'ll have 1 terrabyte tho, and all will be good....for a day)

    it doean\'t matter whether I grab these right now or not, this is the stuff that makes me love this board!!

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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    That woodwind library looks interesting. Does anyone have it? Is it good?

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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    It\'s brand new and of course it\'s good.

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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    Then I think I\'ll order the library.

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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    Oh.. this is promising! I\'m on the market for some woodwinds that beat my current AO winds. $99 is a nice price. I\'ll check out the demos tomorrow. Too bad there are no staccato samples though.

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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    Originally posted by timzydee:
    It\'s brand new and of course it\'s good.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">It is nice, but there\'s a problem with your Sus Vib .gig. The highest Bb is pitched the same as the A right below it. You may want to look into that. (I opened it up in GSEdit and it looks like you just forgot to pitch that track.)

    Other than that it sound pretty good, though the lack of staccatos is kinda upsetting.

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    Re: NEW Free Trumpet Gigs!!

    What do you all think about the woodwind collection? Is this a package send from heaven to budget sensitive persons?

    It would be really cool to complete the orchestra with this and GOS for under $1k. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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