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Topic: Some compositions (MP3s) to share

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    Some compositions (MP3s) to share

    Hey everyone. I don\'t post here often, but I do read almost every day. I just wanted (for the first time here), to share with you all some cues from my demo reel.

    Most of these are either 100% live or a mix of Live and Giga. I can answer any questions you all might have about any of the cues. I have enjoyed listening to the many cues posted here and have learned a lot over the last couple years...so I just wanted to share.

    Also...while my web site is still under contruction....it is somewhat up and running. (yes I know the fonts need to be bigger on the site [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )

    <u>Web Site of Composer Brian Ralston</u>

    Here are some MP3s for you all to download and check out.

    <u>Rocketman to the Rescue</u>
    (2.9 MB) Action Adventure - 90 piece live orchestra, conducted by me. I added a couple Giga tracks while mixing to sweeten some things. This is scored to a scene from the Rocketeer.

    <u>High Wire Act</u>
    (3MB) Action Adventure - 40 Piece live wind Ensemble w/percussion. Aux Percussion and strings are Giga. Scored to a scene from Entrapment and supervised by Christopher Young.

    <u>The Final Seconds</u>
    (4.2 MB) - Dramatic \"Hollywood ending\" to a movie. Live 24 piece orchestra recorded at Paramount Stage M.

    <u>Doc Basie Swing</u>
    (2.2MB) - Big Band Source Music cue. Live 12 piece recorded at Paramount Stage M.

    I have more I can post later if you all would like.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Re: Some compositions (MP3s) to share

    Hi, Brian. Thanks for sharing your stuff. i also checked out your very impressive looking website.

    Just a few questions:
    1) Could you disclose in each example which parts are samples and what libraries you used?

    2) How is different in terms of classes to study music for film vs. studying \'regular\' composition at a university? Who are the cutting edge (not so popular) film composers that one would study at a university?

    3) Lastly, do you have a sister named Megan? Your last name rings a bell. I seem to remember going to school with a Megan Ralston.

    Thanks again for the music [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Some compositions (MP3s) to share


    In the Basie cut, are you using any Giga voices here or is it 100% live instruments.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Some compositions (MP3s) to share

    Hey Brian,
    Now, I am kinda new to this but you mean to tell me it\'s possible to get a large group of musicians together in one big room and have them all play something you\'ve written? at the same time?... and then record it?? What madness is this? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I\'m afraid all I have is my lonely room and my piddling amount of libraries.

    Very nice compositions sir. I do believe you should have been loaned a copy of ewql to toy with. I think you may have given us a very nice demo. Again, really like your writing. Also like the staff \'morph\' on your site.


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    Re: Some compositions (MP3s) to share

    Very nice stuff Brian! Would sound even better with the LSO

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    Re: Some compositions (MP3s) to share

    Thanks guys for your kind comments.


    In the examples I posted \"The Final Seconds\" and Doc Basie Swing are 100% live. In \"High Wire Act\" the winds are real....the strings are a mix of miroslav, Ultimate Strings and Dan Dean Solo strings (I use this lightly to layer string section parts). I did this before I purchased the Sonic Implants String Library which I use a lot now. I may go back and redo the strings with the SI Library someday....but I am too busy now to do that. There is also some percussive adventures library in there. In \"Rocketman to the Rescue\", I replaced the piano with the Giga Piano cause the live one jusdt was not recorded that well on that session. I also sweetened the cellos a bit with some prosonous cellos I believe. The live section was great....but again due to not a great recording of the live cellos...I had to add to it a bit to get a slightly richer sound.

    Studying film music specifically really only adds to the curriculum of music composition. USC\'s program (as a grad student) requires you already have a degree in composition.....so the program can focus more on writing for film.....interpreting film.....and all the technical aspects of writing music for film that a composer does not have to deal with when writing concert music. USC\'s program is really top notch and (in my opinion) second to none only because of the connections and opportunities they have established for their students. You also have access to the young film makers in USC\'s film shool...who let\'s face it.....most of them will be the filmmakers of tomorrow.

    Sorry no sister named Magan...I am an only child.

    Yea...the Basie thing is 100% live. I am a trumpet player so I am picky about my brass sounds. I wish convincing big band cues could be done with Giga....but the brass just aren\'t there yet I don\'t think.


    Thank you for your comments. Yea.....It would have been nice to play with the EWSO.....I have been so busy lately though that I may not have been able to take the time to do it right.


    Thank you for your comments. Yea....I am actually scoring a feature film this fall for a director in England. We had talked one time about doing it with a live group in London....but that will probably not happen now due to budget. But the LSO would be a thrill to conduct. With the Rocketman to the Rescue cue....I had 20 minutes to rehearse and record that cue with the orchestra who were sightreading. I have a demo DVD with all these cues synched to picture. Perhaps I can make a small quicktime of one of these to picture.

    Also....I have more cues that have a much greater mix of Live and Giga (more like 50/50%) I can try to post a couple of those perhaps. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Some compositions (MP3s) to share

    Thanks, Brian. yeah, post some more stuff that is a live/sample mixture. Just curious to hear how that stuff gets layered together. (I\'m so used to hearing primarily all samples or all real)

    If you can post some different styles, would be great.

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    Re: Some compositions (MP3s) to share

    Real nice work.

    BTW, are you adding any artificial reverb on some of the live tracks?

    There\'s no lack of enthusiasm on the orchestra\'s part in a couple of the tracks. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Were the tracks done with student players?

    The last two tracks are excellent.

    Again, very nice work. Strong and clear orchestration, bold sound. Whenever I have to mix live tracks with sampled sounds I startoff with clean slate of the live recordings and add artificial instruments and reverb in very thin layers. Specially with the reverb, just enough so it does not in anyway interfere with live tracks. You can of course do more work with EQ, specially if you have the luxury of recording in a session that utilized multiple mics.

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