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Topic: Aria player is playing...questionably

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    Question Aria player is playing...questionably

    I purchased and installed GPO4 on my windows 7 Alienware m14x. When I play a sample on ARIA player, it sounds really distorted and scratchy, no matter what instrument I use. Any ideas what that is?

    Also, I was wondering if I could use my GPO4 samples with a 30 day trial version of Finale, or do I have to buy the whole thing?

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    Re: Aria player is playing...questionably

    Hi, Gutzy

    Software instruments and audio recording programs take a lot more from a sound card than comes on the motherboard of Alienware, or any laptop - any desktop even. The demands are much more than any gaming situation. You have to have a dedicated external audio interface that uses ASIO drivers. Perfectly good ones can be had for as little as between $100 and $150.

    I think you'd be able to use GPO in your 30 day Finale trial, but you'll still need an interface.


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