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Topic: Best Library for Jazz Drum Kits?

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    Best Library for Jazz Drum Kits?

    I was wondering what anyone can suggest for realistic brush kit instruments? I do not want to use sample loops,etc.

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    Re: Best Library for Jazz Drum Kits?

    there might be others out there, but one that is a decent bang for the buck is Brush Drums at sonic implants.

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    Re: Best Library for Jazz Drum Kits?

    enb141 asked this question a while ago as well and he was working through several libraries to find out which suited him the best. I have not heard his final opinion on the matter yet. Here are some that he listed Studio Cat Purrfect Drums, Drumkit from Hell, Peter Erskine Living Drums, Real Mega Drums. This might be a list that you could start looking into.

    I am also looking at a preferably cheap option for this. Sonic Implant\'s looks like a good deal. If you look through the archives someone mentioned some slight noise with it though. (If I remember correctly)

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    Re: Best Library for Jazz Drum Kits?


    I have heard that Erskine and Puurect Drums is the way to go.

    I do get to use brushes many times in ballads for user demos. The only problem is that I do not own any Giga Drum Set Kit Brushes.

    Kip McGinnis did take interest in \'S Wonmderful where he did use \"Puufect Drume\" if I stand correct in place of the Dr Jazz Kit Drums out of the Motif 8 Workstation.

    Here is the Mp3.. Click on \"S Wonderful


    Alan Russell

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    Re: Best Library for Jazz Drum Kits?

    The drums used on \'S Wonderful are \"Purrrfect Brushes\" from Studio Cat. The majority of other drums used on my other demos are \"Purrrfect Drums\" from Studio Cat, with the exception of a few drums from Donnie Christian of DS Soundware.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Best Library for Jazz Drum Kits?

    Isn\'t Erskine mostly loops?

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