I'm not sure where to post this topic. Sorry if it's in the wrong forum!
I've composed a soundtrack for a game. I own the rights to the music and recordings. I'm thinking of putting the music into an independent barcoded CD-release with additional exclusive tracks so not only people with the game can listen to it, but others can buy it too. I'm guessing that any screenshots for the cover-art or even the use of the game's name would be copyright infringement. However I wonder if it would be disallowed to use an abbreviation of the games name - separation it from the legal name in that way? Let's say "Lord of The Rings: Smeagols Cooking Adventures" would be "LOTR: SCA Soundtrack" with a handrawn/painted nature background inspired from the game's environment, but avoiding any trademark landmarks / typical defining buildings/characters/structures/logos etc from the game so there's no copyright infringement there either, but atleast sets the mood of the game with the front cover.

Do you think using the "LOTR: SCA Soundtrack" would be copyright infringement?

Thanks for any input,