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Topic: Sanbornish samples

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    Sanbornish samples

    Hey Everyone,

    Does anyone know of a library that offers Pop sax samples and loops. (Sanborn like)? I haven\'t run across anything like that. I would appreciate it if anyone know ofs such a library, would you please enlighten me.

    Garius Hill

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    Re: Sanbornish samples

    Quantum Leap Brass has some excellent pop sax samples. Soprano, Alto, and Tenor.


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    Re: Sanbornish samples

    If you\'re not in a hurry, Yellow Tools is about to release a multi sax library (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass) 9 gigs worth of samples.

    No loops but I expect this lib to be killer...
    (to be continued)

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    Re: Sanbornish samples

    P & Terry,

    THanks for your reply\'s I will check out the Quantum Leaps Brass and eagerly await the Yellow Tools Sax library.

    Garius Hill

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    Re: Sanbornish samples

    QL Brasas saxes are closer to Zoot Sims than Sanborn, IMHO. Currently nothing has the real contemporary bite the jazz community needs.

    To be fair, it truly is NOT easy, and may nt be possible in a sampled instrument. I\'d look more to a VL1 modeling synth, withwind controller.


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