Hi. After a whole lot of trial and error and homework (including some excellent advice on this forum) I have created my first orchestral piece. It is a medley of two Goldsmith songs that I have always liked. I have written an original, but my goal was to try this as a practice session. I really wanted to gain some knowledge before I butcher my original. I have learned a lot, but I am very much open to suggestions and advice on creating more and more realism. Funny - I thought this piece would be easy - it was far from it. I admittedly combined 2 pieces that do not really belong together, but I really wanted to force it and try to make it work. The first (and ending) piece is the theme from Rudy and the middle transitions to the theme from Soarin (a flight simulation ride at Disneyland and Disney World). I hope I'm getting close with this! I worked pretty hard on it! Again - any advice and overall impressions would be very welcome! This sure has been fun!