I just finished yesterday my recordings of three Compositions by Felix Draeseke (for more about him see http://draeseke.org)

1) The Pianofantasy op.8 on themes frome Boildieus Opera La dame Blanche (world first recording done with Synthogy German grand)

2) Six Fugues for the piano op 15 (there exist only a recording with organ yet, since it is explicitly written for piano it is kind of a first recording in the right sound to, done with Synthogy German grand)

3) The Symphonic Poem "Frithjof" WoO 7 brought to finale from the Manuscript by a member of the international F.Draeseke Society, who contacted me to produce a reasonable rendering (done with VSL-Cube extended).
This symphonic poem is with its three movements longer than evry Brahms-Symphony nearly as complex as a smaller Mahler-Symphony, full of passionate music, orchestral power, harmonic experiments, and counterpointal brilliance.

I hope you like it, and am curious what you think about and would like to hear everything what might help to improve my renderings.