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Topic: Potential support woes for EW/NI?

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    Potential support woes for EW/NI?

    This was posted by Doug in the EW Forum:

    \"Tech support for the library will be handled by EW. Tech support for the interface is being handled by NI, and must be by email. Details for both will be in your manual.\"

    This seems like a potential nightmare for the end user. Not trying to pick on EW, because I\'m sure other new products that include the NI engine will have similar issues. But how does everyone feel about the fact that you\'ll have to deal with 2 different companies for support after you spend alot of money on your product?

    And then you \"only\" get email support for the inteface. Which I assume is the program code? You install it, have problems and have to email someone? yikes...

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    Re: Potential support woes for EW/NI?

    I\'m still have thoughts about Hardcore Bass, I wonder if it will be the same way as far as support goes?

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    Re: Potential support woes for EW/NI?

    Remember that the interface is Kompakt which is a NI product. Just think of the support for this part as you would for Giga, Kontakt, etc.

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    Re: Potential support woes for EW/NI?

    I\'m with Haydn on this one. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Potential support woes for EW/NI?

    If Kontakt works on your system, then the QLSO should work fine as well since it is litterally based on the Kontakt engine.

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