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Topic: Sibelius 7 - JABB3 compatibility

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    Sibelius 7 - JABB3 compatibility

    I just bought the Garritan JABB3 Library and am now attempting to use it with Sibelius 7.

    I can get Sibelius to recognise the Aria Player (as long as it's open) without any trouble, but it doesn't seem to be able to find the actual JABB3 library, the drop-down menu under sound sets doesn't include it. Tried everything I can think of, no success, was wondering if anyone here had any ideas?

    I'm working with a Mac, running Mountain Lion.


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    Re: Sibelius 7 - JABB3 compatibility

    Hi and welcome to the forum,

    I am on a windows OS with Sibelius 6.2 so this may not apply. Sib 6 came with support for various sound sets, such as GPO4 Jabb etc. I don't know if Sib 7 comes with the soundsets as well.

    Firstly check whether the XML file for JABB is in your Sib folder. In my computer the XML files are found in the Sibelius sounds folder. My path is C drive > Program Files>Sibelius Software>Sibelius 6>Sounds. As you probably already know, the soundsets are the instructions Sib uses for the library. The soundsets are not the actual library sounds themselves.

    I'm just throwing ideas out here, but when you installed the Jabb library did you install both the Standard as well as the Notation version. The notation version is for use in a notation program.

    If none of the above helps in any way, your best bet is to ask this same question on the Sib Forum. I've put in a couple of links which may help as well.

    The first link is to the soundset page, it has the soundsets you can download as well as some info that applies to Mac computers .


    The second link takes you to a thread on the Jabb not showing up, the same sort of problem you are having.


    Hope it sorts itself out.

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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