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Topic: I'm beginning to like GigaPiano (except...)

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    I\'m beginning to like GigaPiano (except...)

    After more editing, I like GigaPiano, after a year of not liking it: great bass and high soprano range. I\'ve been able to get the middle register under control with filters (although the F above middle C won\'t give me the release I want, no matter how much I extend the Release, I\'ve created a good dark piano.)

    But my real worry, the thing that makes me actually avoid these keys while playing, is the region mapped around F#5. Very strange. This sample was interpolated across five notes. However, I\'m getting a honkish sound on F#5 itself and the F right below it. The sound is exactly like the sound you hear when a note has been stetched too far. It shouldn\'t sound this bad when it\'s the root note itself and only a half step away.

    Does everyone have this problem with these notes? Any suggestions about what filter or ADSR settings could help? I\'ve spent two hours editing and playing today, and I\'m ready to give up. Maddening, this. It\'s almost a good piano, now.

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    Re: I\'m beginning to like GigaPiano (except...)

    Dont waste your time and just buy a good one, or two new piano libs ;0)

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