As I\'m planning my new upgrade into a G5 I\'m thinking I may re-visit my MIDI interface setup. I\'m still using my MTP AV through a serial port (g4 port from Griffin) because I\'ve been skeptical of USB MIDI timing. However I\'m in need of an additional interface, so I\'m trying to decide on another MTP AV, only USB this time, or should I switch and maybe do the Emagic direction (I\'m using Logic). Some have said the Unitor is suppose to have better timing, but I don\'t know how anyone could make a USB MIDI interface Sample accurate, I don\'t think either protocol would really allow sample accuracy.

The other option is to not trigger my giga machines via MIDI, but try to do another protocol. My understanding is Ethernet is becoming an option? Would some more brilliant people then I comment on this?