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Topic: Some older pieces

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    Re: Some older pieces

    Looks like you've been busy with GPO for quite awhile, David - It's great that you finally joined in here on the Forum in June.

    You handle this lush, romantic and cinematic style very capably. Beautiful tracks! "Some older pieces," you say- I wonder how long ago, and how long you've been working with GPO and Finale?

    "Asian" is an Asian sounding piece as re-interpreted ala Aaron Copland. Very pretty.

    "Anima?" I didn't get an Anime hit from it, but it's certainly a beautiful full orchestral piece with a sure, strong arrangement. I probably have too limited an understanding of the variety of music used in Anime.

    "Wedding" - very sweet!

    Based on these wonderful tracks, I should think you have a thorough working knowledge of using Finale, which makes me feel you could probably pass on some helpful tips to the Finale users here. I hope you can share your expertise when people post questions about using the program, or when you hear pieces here in The Listening Room which could sound better with a bit of assistance.

    This is an excellent introduction into your fertile musical mind, David - I'm excited to have more members here discover your work!


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    Re: Some older pieces

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    i'm excited to have more members here discover your work!
    list me being the first one!
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: Some older pieces

    Thanks Randy,
    I have been using Finale since around 2006, and the full version with GPO since about 2008.
    The piece An American in Asia was actually written for string orchestra originally even before I owned Finale. I wrote it using a program called Noteworthy Notation back in 2004-5 and adapted it for full symphony shortly after purchasing Finale. It was the first full symphonic piece I created.
    The piece La Musica dell"Anima is actually Italian for Music of the Soul, and was written in 2009 and reorchestrated in 2010
    The Wedding Music was written in 2010.
    I have been using Finale for a relatively long time, and would be happy to share my knowledge.
    Thanks for listening guys!
    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Skippy

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    Re: Some older pieces

    Quote Originally Posted by davidrhepworth View Post
    ...The piece La Musica dell"Anima is actually Italian for Music of the Soul...
    Ah! Of course - My my, I've gotten so used to seeing movie and gaming work posted here, in my haste I saw that as "Anime"--

    You've been to our General Discussion board, David? Those are the pages that get the most traffic, and all sorts of topics are posted there - Questions about using Garritan in general, about using Finale and other notation programs, and other music and even non-music related items. That's where you'll notice once in awhile someone asking about Finale, and you could jump in with info for them.

    Also here in the LR, you'll sometimes hear music that could benefit from some Finale polishing. Giving those users some Finale related feedback would always be appreciated. And that of course calls for listening to fellow members' work here - so I invite you to join in with that part of the LR experience also. It's great when people do both things, post music, and post replies.

    Thanks again for the beautiful music!


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    Re: Some older pieces

    Thanks, I'll keep my eyes and ears open!

    Also a little trivia about La Musica dell"Anima, while reorchestrating it I was trying to combine the styles of these two cues from the films The American President and How to Train Your Dragon.



    Not sure how successful I was haha but that's what I was going for anyway
    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Skippy

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