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Topic: Using FX Teleport in a MAC/PC environment

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    Re: Using FX Teleport in a MAC/PC environment

    Colin I was just this morning trying to figure the same thing out. This could be great. I think you are correct in your logic, it makes sense to me. I for one would choose to link up 2408\'s on my Host PC and route everything through that. I could have 24 digital I/O going straight to my mixers. Or, I may get an analog I/O and go to an analog board (I\'ve been thinking of switching back, but that\'s another post). Here was my thinking though.....

    If a program like Vstack would allow me to trigger multiple instances on one machine from my Mac, then Vstack could host FX teleport. Or the other concept would be to actually get SONAR or some other PC sequencer and route MIDI signals through to FX teleport Live. Of course many will say why not just sequence on Windows.... I say they\'re nuts. I don\'t even want windows in my house, but I do it for Giga.....

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    Using FX Teleport in a MAC/PC environment

    Like some others here I seqence on Logic 6/mac but use pcs for gigastudio, Vienna, and QLSO (soon!). Right now I have 3 pcs and MOTU 2408 audio interfaces to handle it all. I will be adding a few more pcs to accomodate QLSO. I\'ve read up on FX teleport and am very intrigued. If I could avoid buying more soundcards and audio interfaces that would be great.

    As I understand it, I know I cannot currently run FX teleport on a mac. However can I still take advantage of FX teleport if I use one of my pcs as QLSO host, for example? The host would have a soundcard. I would then link several other pcs to that host. All midi triggering would of course come from the mac. All of my QLSO pcs would be routed to the host pc which would in turn be piped via an audio interface to the mac for mixing or tracking. Is there any reason why this will not work??

    Downside is I will not have the flexible routing capabilities that I would have if I were using a pc for my sequencer. I am assuming that you can easily route any QLSO instrument to any bus or track very easily within your pc host sequencer, regardless of what pc an instrument is streaming from. Therefore, you are not limited by the number of outs on your soundcard(as I will be in the mac scenario), as the routing and bussing is all internal. Am I correct on this. Geez this is great software if I am.



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