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Topic: Aria player threshold

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    Aria player threshold


    Is anyone else having problems having say 5 Aria players loaded at one time in a sonic scores .ove (Overture) score?

    I am.

    I run win7 64 bit home premium; Intel core i7 860; DDR3 8gigs; Audio box 44 VSL; ATI Raedon 5770 (1024).

    Overture4.15; kontakt 2+GPO2; ARIA+GPO4

    (Just bought NI Complete8 [kontakt5 full]; Ilya Efimov NylonS.)

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    Re: Aria player threshold

    No, I have 12 instances each loaded with , apart from the strings which have 6 voices.
    You must use jBridge to do this!!!!! With jBridge you can load more because jBridge loads those players outside the memory of Overture.

    Sorry, while writing you mentioned ARIA and I was talking PLAY (EWQL). But I think the answer is still valid. Overture has a memory limit of 3,x Gb (32 bits limit) and with more RAM jBridge loads it all "on top" or something like this.


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