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Topic: How to get these LOTR sounds?

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    How to get these LOTR sounds?

    OK, so it\'s cliche.. we love LOTR. Howard Shore rules. Now, getting past that.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'m looking for a trumpet sound that sounds as close to this as possible:

    And what in the world type of percussion hit is this? It reminds me of steam. Is it some sort of strange gong hit?


    PS: That first MP3 clip is my favorite theme on the whole CD... AND the CD for the first LOTR. Someone ought to do a sample demo using that piece.. it\'s magnificent. But I prefer the version Howard did for the LOTR:TT TV trailer. The strings stand out a lot more. Did anyone else notice that?

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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?

    Just a guess, but that sounds like a steam hammer FX-prolly HE.


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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?

    I didn\'t know the LOTR soundtrack was partially electronic. Pardon my ignorance, but what\'s HE?

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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?

    Hate to bring it to ya but you can\'t get that trumpet sound in any available library.

    You could possibly get close with the free SAM trumpets with some hard reverb and EQ work. The miroslav trumpets are a bit similar as well, and they have vibrato.

    Since the EWQLSO trumpets don\'t have vibrato (according to the articulations list) I think you could rule out those as well.


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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?

    Vibrato? Maybe I\'m going deaf.. I don\'t hear the trumpets doing vibrato in that clip.

    At any rate, I don\'t mind about the vibrato. I\'m just looking for a powerful, crisp sound. What about QL Brass? Kirk Hunter Brass? Dan Dean? VSL?

    I really wish Project SAM would come up with SAM Trumpets. Man oh man... you know it would blow everything else away.

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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?

    There are free Sam trumpets available from http://www.projectsam.com today, but they\'re limited. Hopefully the *real* Sam trumpet library will be completed before long.

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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?


    That sound is a combination of completely opening the throat, dropping the jaw, and allowing the valves to change the notes with less embrochure movement than normal, since the notes are in close proximity. The articulated notes are by tonguing with \"tHa\" instead of \"Tha\" for that big, majestic sound (i.e. considerably less tongue and more air). I have yet to hear any library record this and don\'t believe QLSO or VSL have this particular sound. Add one more for the wishful thinking on wind libraries -- \'Maestoso Tonguing\' (or at least that\'s what my private teachers called it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ).

    There is no vibrato except for the first long note (where you clearly hear the string arpeggios), and even then it\'s toward the end and very minute. Any vibrato heard is just due to the player more than likely trying to change the pitch by using valve+embrochure, like normal, rather than letting the valve and airflow alone dictate the notes, as well as the natural tendency to correct the intonation when it starts to fluctuate.

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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?

    HE = Hollywood Edge Sound FX Library


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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?

    Hey Sam, Well...For the percussion hits...i don´t know exactly what instrument use...i think it´s not an ordinaire gong..i think seems like a metallic barrel punched and postprocessed. try to find some metallic staff crashes.if u have some mics...try to rec some percussion metallic hits..and try to combine it to achieve something similar.

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    Re: How to get these LOTR sounds?

    I\'m sorry, there\'s no vibrato as such in the clip. I should have listened twice. Still you wont find that sound in any library. Sorry. Maybe if you layer.


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