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Topic: Did you know BH Photo Video sells samples?!

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    Did you know BH Photo Video sells samples?!

    I just discovered this, to my surprise. They\'re mostly a camera shop, but they sell pro audio stuff too.

    I\'m not sure I can advertise prices on there, but go check it out. http://www.bhphotovideo.com - they sell a lot of EastWest stuff, for lower prices than at EastWest\'s site (except when they have sales).

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    Re: Did you know BH Photo Video sells samples?!

    Hey Guys,
    Well those on the east coast know a lot about B&H. It\'s a very strange store if you ever go in there.( Like a mouse in a maze).
    However, they always have competitive prices. I too noticed the sample library.
    I think about 2001 they started selling Pro Tools stuff and then got into the computer workstation building biz.
    Even though I live in NY, I shop online and have it shipped becuase its a hugely popluar store and takes forever to get through.
    Their store catalog is bigger then the NY phone book ( I KID YOU NOT). If you ever want something. i would suggest calling, online, or the catalog.

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