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Topic: VSL port to Kontakt questions (King, Peter)

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    VSL port to Kontakt questions (King, Peter)

    I am less than thrilled with the high price of VSL\'s crossgrade to EXS.

    So I am considering doing it myself but using kontakt instead. Especially after seeing Peter and Kings posts about how well the transfer turns out.

    Are you guys using translator or are you using kontakts import app??

    And how easy is it to set mod wheel crossfades. (ala exp patches).

    Thanks in advance for the help.
    Since I had so much free time today..... this is the stuff I obsess about. Therapy is needed.

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    Re: VSL port to Kontakt questions (King, Peter)

    I\'m SLOWLY going through it and making adjustments. I\'ll ultimately end up using Giga 3 when it comes out, but there are a couple of features in Kontakt I may stick with if Giga 3 doesn\'t have them.

    Anyhow, most things translate fine because there aren\'t a whole boat load of Xfade patches. The ones that are there you \'ll most likely have to redraw the curves, and thats easy enough once you learn how.

    I haven\'t done any Release trigger patches, but those should convert pretty well I\'m guessing.

    I\'m doing it all in Kontakt alone, and there are problems, but I fix them quickly if I run into it.

    I\'m guessing someone or all of us as a group will share basic conversion files on the VSL site once the user area is up.

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    Re: VSL port to Kontakt questions (King, Peter)

    My use is a little different. First, because I sequence on a PC with Cubase SX and use System Link,I import the files from the Cube directly into Kontakt and save them as a .nki file. You can use the Performance tool on the PC with Kontakt, however, I simply bring in the main programs from the Cube that don\'t require the Performance Tool saving those for my Giga Systems.

    Once in this format, I can run them in my main computer and my System Link computer.

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    Re: VSL port to Kontakt questions (King, Peter)

    Thanks Gents.

    When the Mac version performance tool is released (logic), will there be a way to use it with konakt on a mac?

    I know that VSL released the performance set for exs without the performance tool being ready. But when it is, do you know if it can be applied to a different app (kontakt instead of EXS?)

    Thanks for the insights.

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    Re: VSL port to Kontakt questions (King, Peter)

    I have no clue. I\'m sorry.

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    Re: VSL port to Kontakt questions (King, Peter)

    Most likely not, if its directly implimented in EXS,

    However if its a Logic Environment, then of course [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    You can run the performance tool on a PC then back into your Mac [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    IMO right now there is not good solution for Kontakt MAC Users. Its possible to get it done via the perf tool on the PC route, but its not a \"good solution\".

    There are advancements and reprogramming going on for the next version of the tool tho. Its possible this might make some headway for you guys.

    Anyhow, there are still some benefits for you guys. The dynamic samples take well to Time Machine, and I\'ve got some insane ideas I want o try with this [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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