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Topic: Celtic RPG Demo

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    Celtic RPG Demo

    I\'d consider this the first draft, subject to possible revisions. Any comments on this are welcome! This is being made for a specific company in hopes of landing a gig doing a soundtrack for an RPG. It\'s got to catch their interest, because the composer they usually hire is top notch. This will go on the CD along with some of my other work.


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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo

    ...you should fix those 2 jumps in strings..

    the track is ok....typical RPG stuff, but two notches better then the majority as far as sound and production goes.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Good luck...


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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo


    The harp is too loud. It is only at the end that it is balanced with the other instruments. The Xsample, out of the box, has a lot of boom in the lower frequencies. Be mindful of that. I would also change the sound of the harsh strings. I think you\'re aiming for beauty here so why don\'t you use mellow strings instead.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo

    lex: Bummer.. it needs to be better than \"ok.\" Yeah, the string lurching effect needs to be fixed. Once I get my MaestroTools psuedo-legato fixed, I\'ll use it on the grand sustains to make them more connected.

    Alex: How would you fix the problem of the Xsample harp being too overpowering? Just EQ it and cut the bass a bit? And at what point do the strings sound too harsh?

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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo


    Just lower the volume of the harp in the first part. The harp is the accompaniment and not the lead. During the part with the tremelo strings the volume of the harp is much better.
    It is also in that first part that I find the strings not smooth enough. Strings con sordino would suit the purpose better. Look for a silky sound in your library. Use synth strings if necessary. Or why not merge synth with sampled strings for a wider effect? As long as they carry the pipes and flute, right?

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo

    Personally, I think your track sounds great.

    I believe the piece would benefit if you carried it further instead of ending it at the one minute mark, though.

    But take your music wherever you want, and don\'t put too much weight in the criticism and advice of others when it comes to the way you write your music.

    Some of the comments above seemed inexcusably negative, if I may say so.

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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo

    Tamino, do you remember one of your songs in the 18th century:

    Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd Schön,
    Wie noch kein Augen je gesehn!
    Ich fuhl es, wie dies Gotterbild
    Mein Herz mit neuer Regung fullt.
    Dies Etwas kann ich zwar nicht nennen,
    Doch fuhl ich\'s hier wie Feur brennen.
    Soll die Empfindung Liebe sein?
    Ja, ja, Die Liebe ist\'s allein!
    O wenn ich sie nur finden konnte!
    O wenn sie doch schon vor mir stande!
    Ich wurde - wurde - warm und rein -
    Was wurde ich? -
    Ich wurde sie voll Entzucken
    An diesen heiben Busen drucken,
    Und ewig ware sie dann mein

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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo

    LOL...it\'s called honest, constructive criticism. I much prefer it over blowing sunshine up someone\'s wazoo which seems to be the preferred method around here...um, or in your terms, Inexcusably Positive...
    If you wanna take the Paula Abdul approach, knock yourself out. But you\'re not doing anyone any favors. The only way to improve is to be open to honest criticism.

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Tamino:
    Some of the comments above seemed inexcusably negative, if I may say so.

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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo

    Hudson, incase you didn\'t notice, I provided a constructive comment in my post.

    And I have some constructive comments for you: lose the bitter attitude.

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    Re: Celtic RPG Demo

    Originally posted by Alexcremers:

    Just lower the volume of the harp in the first part. The harp is the accompaniment and not the lead.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Actually--and this may be a bit of a rule-breaker--in this context, the harp is the lead. Or maybe rather, a rhythmic base for the flute. It needs to stand out. And if I cut the volume, it\'s too weak.. and if I cut the bass, then there\'s no fullness. I think I may just leave the harp as it is...

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