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Topic: Need some Advice!

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    Need some Advice!

    Hello everyone. I\'m on about a 3k budget, and am looking at my options to set myself up in the orchestral samples world. I\'ve looked in - Garritan, Sonic Implants, and the new Vienna library. CAn you guys give me some direction, so I don\'t throw 3k away [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]



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    Re: Need some Advice!

    I also forgot to mention that the Miroslav master set looks great! Because its kind of an all in one set. Percussion, woodwinds, brass, etc...

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    Re: Need some Advice!

    Bit of a huge question that one, and a lot for one person to answer. Best bet it to do a search on this forum. All the best sample libraries have been discussed in a lot of detail here at one time or another.

    One piece of advice might be.....don\'t buy anything right now.....wait and see how you like Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra before you decide anything.


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    Re: Need some Advice!

    I think most people will agree that although Miroslav was great for the time - if a little expensive - it\'s certainly showing it\'s age these days. Don\'t forget this was a pre-Giga library so you won\'t find extensive programming features and multiple layers.

    All 3 libraries you mentioned have demos available. So take a listen.

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    Re: Need some Advice!

    Hey Steve,

    When is the QL stuff coming out?

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    Re: Need some Advice!

    short answer?

    buy them all [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] budget...you dont need no stinkin budget

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    Re: Need some Advice!

    you are in pretty good shape with three grand. Like others have said, do some serious searching right here and you will find every option available to you. I haven\'t seen 3K as a limit in a thread but you\'ll find plenty of head-swimming tips on libraries from all the big dogs. When you\'ve got a more concrete idea, I would suggest putting together a couple of shopping lists and then ask people for their opinions. What I painstakingly did was get rid of the options I knew I DIDN\"T want and slowly narrowed down my list. As someone else said you might think of crossing Vitous off the list now. You have enough dough to play with.
    Something else to keep in mind... if you plan on hanging around here at Northern (which I recommend) you will find quite a few of the top developers lurking in the shadows:-) The ones I have dealt with are great guys and give excellent support, and that goes a long way to me wanting to give someone my money. In fact it was the deciding factor in 2/3rds of my purchases. Sorry if all I gave you were some philosophical ramblings, but the list you want would take me three hours to type.
    Search my friend, search.


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    Re: Need some Advice!

    Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for all of the help. I think your right, Miroslav seems to be out dated. I haven\'t even got a copy of GigaStudio yet, so I need to factor that in as well.

    I am really looking to do a \'Hans Zimmer\' style of music, if that helps at all. I am searching alot, but right now, the Garritan stuff seems great, and the Vienna library is astounding! I listened to the demo of the East West library, and it didn\'t seem too impressive, although that was one short demo.

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    Re: Need some Advice!


    After that comment, I\'d wait for QLSO

    should be a few weeks from now.

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    Re: Need some Advice!

    wmusser: Listen to SISS demos SISS sounds great, they\'re working now in Woodwinds and brass section with the same sound space.

    Elith [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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