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Topic: Arrangement of Christe Sanctorum featuring GCPO

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    Arrangement of Christe Sanctorum featuring GCPO

    As I've delved into the recent Aria 1.5 and GCPO releases, I've gone back and re-recorded this arrangement of the hymn tune Christe Sanctorum. My configuration in this one is 75% Garritan:

    GPO4 hauptwerk as a foundation at low volume, sometimes adding the Scharf
    GCPO stops, several of them, combinations switched on and off via midi (like using pistons)
    Two organ SFZs, for specific sounds not yet in GCPO: a diapason celeste and a Skinner-esque string chorus.
    Voices are also SFZ - a men and boys choir from Korg. (a very specific sound I am looking for)

    I've dropped away all other non-Garritan stops I previously used, as GCPO has added clarity, depth and realism by several orders of magnitude. I particularly appreciate the 'blower motor' effect (ie, 'regulation'); listen for the round-edge attack - the late bloom - in the deep pedal.

    I produce these in Finale, as I intend for this music to be performed live. Thus, these are not intended to be finished renditions, but more like a printer's proof - I think a real music organization (choristers, organist, and pipework) will be ever so much better, as will the congregational experience.

    On my wish list for GCPO: a sample of one of American instrument maker E.M. Skinner's creations.
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    Re: Arrangement of Christe Sanctorum featuring GCPO

    Thanks to you, Passsgio, and Rodney "Composingatnight," this Sunday is much more like the Sundays of my youth, with the posting of these hymns. I know it's coincidence that you both posted hymns today, but the two posts have made for an unexpected surprise today in the LR.

    This sounds very nice, so big and grand. It's exciting to hear someone delving into the new Garritan Pipe Organs Library and sharing music here. What you have here sounds like much more than just a "printer's proof."

    Having only a layman's understanding about the intricacies of stops, and all the possible sounds pipe organs sometimes include, which is to say - only a sketchy understanding, some subtleties are lost on me. When I try some things out with the new library, there's so much more available in the Library than I'll probably ever use. So it's interesting to see an organ expert working at layering various sound sources together to achieve what they're happy with.

    I don't know if there are plans to add yet even more organs to the collection, only time will tell I guess. So I don't know if there'll ever be things like the celesta stop you're wanting.

    I don't know what you meant when you said
    I think a real music program...will be ever so much better
    Are you talking about the software you use to record in?

    In any case, this sounds great, and I appreciate you letting us hear it.


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    Re: Arrangement of Christe Sanctorum featuring GCPO

    Ah yes, 'program' can have two meanings. I amended my post for clarity:

    I think a real music organization (choristers, organist, and pipework)....

    And I would volunteer to sample the E.M. Skinner!

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    Re: Arrangement of Christe Sanctorum featuring GCPO

    A very well done Christe Sanctorum, passagio. Though
    difficult to achieve the clarity one might wish with
    samples, especially in such a reverberant venue, this
    will peform live beautifully, capturing the majesty
    intended. Well balanced arranging, and well chosen
    stops, as well.

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Arrangement of Christe Sanctorum featuring GCPO

    Hi Passagio,

    The sound is full and massive, as I would expect for this rendition.

    The intricacies of a pipe organ are mostly lost on me, but I'm always glad to hear someone speak so passionately about their favorite music or instruments. From the layman's perspective, this sounds just like a mass with a full-blown music service from within a large cathedral; very convincing!



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