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Topic: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme) - Re-composition

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    The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme) - Re-composition

    I posted this before, but I felt I needed to make some changes. In this recompilation I changed much to the piece. The changes include:

    - Different key signature
    - Instruments
    - Tara's original theme implemented into the middle of song instead of solo violin passage
    - Dynamics

    As a note on dynamics: Everything has more control such as the strings changing volume and not so loud all the time as compared to the first version. However, the harp has been kept at the same volume level because I felt that my ears like it best that way. I tried giving the harp more dynamics, but it didn't fit with my composition. Therefore, I felt it was best to keep the harp at a constant volume despite the going from quiet to loud and loud to quiet in the beginning and end parts. It was personal decision I made, and I felt it was best after trying both methods.

    This is a love composition I dedicated to a girl. It is meant to be happy, loving, and magical.

    Instrument libraries include:
    - Dimension Pro
    - Dimension Pro Garritan Pocket Orchestra
    - EWQLSO Silver
    - Vienna Symphonic Choir
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra

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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme) - Re-composition

    Sounds very lovely, Richard. I sure admire the way you've made the decision to keep working on your music, to keep developing your craft. You're in the classroom we're all in - and remember, no matter what any "expert" says - we are All always in the classroom.

    And no matter how much success of any sort someone attains, all true artists are first and foremost --and perpetually, -"amateurs." Aim to stay that way instead of becoming a mere craftsman who mistakenly takes pride in being a "professional."

    Be the kid sitting in the classroom making art - not the hack cranking out product with his bag of tricks, and who has the delusion that he graduated.

    Keep it up, Richard! See you in class.


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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme) - Re-composition

    Thanks for the feedback Randy. That is a very good way to put things. I know I'm always learning something new when it comes to composing.

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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme) - Re-composition

    Very nice, Richard.

    Your arrangements and mixes are all very lush and emotional. Nice job!

    And Randy said it all: "We're always in class"!


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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme) - Re-composition

    Hello Richard, this is very lovely, indeed. I don't believe the harp is overpowering in this version. From how it sounds, I could envision it more as a featured instrument in a performance, as opposed to just another instrument in the orchestra. Still, I feel it blends well with the rest of the orchestration and does not sound out of place. I really enjoyed listening to this, great work!
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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme) - Re-composition

    Thank you for the feedback Frank. I'm happy that you enjoyed the composition. I still think that is the best term that we are all in class. However, composing is a subject I enjoy learning!!!

    Thanks for listening
    Sanyarem. I also like the harp. In the original version it was piano, but I feel the harp brings more of a magical fantasy life feel. I just couldn't let the harp drown out in the strings.

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