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Topic: OT: Hardware meets Software

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    OT: Hardware meets Software

    We recently learned that the new MicroKONTROL from Korg will ship from the factory already set up with templates to control Stylus, Atmosphere and Trilogy.....pretty cool!!

    (All the parameters and assignments will just work right out of the box, and you won\'t have to fiddle with remembering the MIDI CCs)

    Looks like a very fun little keyboard for portable USB use and live use for DJs/Remixers/etc.

    Pretty cool that it has little pads too...gotta check that out with Stylus!


    I\'d say this is a great trend that will hopefully keep going. Hardware companies making their controllers work really well with our software instruments....the ideal combo!


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    Re: OT: Hardware meets Software

    Beautiful design!!! It looks really cool. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: OT: Hardware meets Software

    I can verify this is pretty cool - sort of. I saw it last month at NAMM here in Nashville and a buddy and I played with it for quite a while. We really dug it except for the half size keys. When we made a comment to Korg that it\'s an awesome piece of gear except our fingers won\'t fit, they got REALLY defensive and border line rude.

    So again I say, it\'s a AWESOME little controller, one like I\'ve been waiting for my whole life, but my fingers won\'t fit. So i won\'t buy it. I love the pads, I love the faders, I love everything about it except I can\'t play it! Some have said that keyboard companies are skeptical of building keyboard controllers because they don\'t sell well. Apparently the success of Oxygen has made KORG think this little guy will work. I think what controller companies don\'t realize is they can\'t sell controllers cause they have yet to build the controllers we need. This little Micro Kontrol is the right direction, but still Korg has done what every other controller company has done... got a bunch of stuff right, but screwed up something so obvious that they can\'t sell it! I could be wrong, maybe the world has a plethora of small musicians who are wanting to control software, but my experience shows that there are an overwhelming number of guys in the music business, and my own body proves guys have fat fingers! Shoot, I have to go back and clean up \"fat finger\" notes on my A-90, how am I ever suppose to make this little thing work?

    But again, I love the pads, and I love the faders, and I love the knobs......

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    Re: OT: Hardware meets Software

    I agree totally Whaley.

    When I first saw that Korg I considered it an automatic buy - until a friend pointed out that it uses half size keys. What a disappointment.

    I\'m hoping that we\'ll see a MIDIKONTROL version sometime soon [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Hardware meets Software

    Interesting...I would MUCH prefer the mini keyboard, as I don\'t like all of the smaller keyboard controllers with full-sized keys. I already have a monster 88key full sized keyboard (Triton) next to me, so a minikeyed auxilary keyboard would be a better 2nd keybd for my setup. Especially since so much playing into the sequencer is simple lines/chords anyway. I can use the 88key thing if I need to bust out some Chopin or something.

    Ideally, they should offer a mini and a full-sized keyboard. Anyway, this thing definitely looks cool and is a step in the right direction!

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    Re: OT: Hardware meets Software

    Well I could see that, but man with just another 6 inches we could have had a 3 octave keyboard. Way better then Oxygen. I\'m sure in about a year they\'ll put out a bigger version. With my A-90 and this thing I\'d be pretty set for controllers!! Now if only I could find a Piano sample I like....... eric.......

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    Re: OT: Hardware meets Software

    Yeah...I see it more as a cool fader box and pads, that also has a little keyboard.

    I plan to use this with my Roland A-50 for live use, since I can MIDI Merge the MicroKonrol MIDI output with my A-50\'s output. That way I got a little keyboard and pads to basically trigger loops/fx/drums/etc, and a really nice programmable fader box (with preassigned parameters for all my soft synths, so that the parameter names appear above the sliders).

    This thing is so small, it seems like a great add-on to a full-size controller, and then just MIDI merge and you\'ve got exactly what you need. Since it requires no power or MIDI interface (USB does the whole thing), that\'s also a huge advantage in portability and simplicity.


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