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Topic: New short demo

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    New short demo


    this is my new demo, I would like to hear any feedback, thanks!

    http://petn.szm.sk/Demox.mp3 (655kB)

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    Re: New short demo

    Nice instrumentation. Sounds very good. Would love to hear more!
    Please post soon, I am looking forward to it.
    What librarys are you using?

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    Re: New short demo

    Like it. Honest. The cue that is...well...me too.
    It\'s deceptively simple. Whenever I start out trying to do something like that I end up going a little nutsy with the, too many note syndrome. (Guitar player!) I always appreciate when you guys do it and it works for me.


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    Re: New short demo

    Thanks, 88fingers and christianb! It\'s for the first time that someone likes some music I\'ve posted. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    The library is GOS and Miroslav.

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