In the Document Setup Window I choose "Marching Band" - "Drum" - then choose Snareline, Tenorline, & Bass Drums (5 line) and set up a score. I get absolutley no sound when I enter notes on these staves or try to play back.

I open the Score Manager and find:

Snareline > Garritan Instruments for Finale > VDLite Snareline>Bank 1>Channel 10> VDLite Snareline

TenorLine>Garritan Instruments for Finale > VDLite Tenorline>Bank 1>Channel 1> VDLite Tenorline

Bass Drums >Garritan Instruments for Finale > VDLite Bassrline>Bank 1>Channel 2> VDLite Bassline

Why am I not getting playback? Do these instruments not really load with Finale 2012.