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Topic: This sound right for Giga?

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    This sound right for Giga?

    XP machine with 768 megs has same memory usage as ME machine with 512 megs of ram? I load in like Dan Dean flute on XP machine, at it takes up 30% of memory, and the ME machine takes up 31%. I was at least happy to see that I could load up both men and womens choir in their entirety on the ME box for VotA. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: This sound right for Giga?

    Sounds about right. On xp with 1.5 gb, I\'m using 15% for the DD Flute (all articulations).

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    Re: This sound right for Giga?

    Well then, as much as I like XP, we\'re going back to ME then. Thanks!


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