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Topic: Is there a way?

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    Is there a way?

    I accidently sent program change messages to gigastudio( [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] ), and Im finding that there is no way to call up the origianl instruments to their respective channels/ports. Even a \"revert to saved\" feature would work for me. Unfortunately, I have to quit gigastudio and then reload that giga file again. What a drag. Am I missing something?

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    Re: Is there a way?

    I actually think you can use the RESET function for this. Just make sure only to reset the MIXER or/and HARDWARE, not the instruments. When you do a RESET, GS renames the current performance to \"untitled\" and you should be able to just load up your current performance without GS needing to actually reload the samples.

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    Re: Is there a way?

    Thanks Simon,

    I try it.

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    Re: Is there a way?

    Hmm, that\'s unfortunate - what Simon suggested works for me, you just have to make sure that you leave the instruments option unchecked in the reset page.

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    Re: Is there a way?

    I just tried this and it didn\'t work!

    Now I\'ve got to reload 4 machines. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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