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Topic: Which woodwinds with killer oboe?

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    Which woodwinds with killer oboe?

    New to Gigastudio and need woodwind library with killer oboe? Recommendations please. Read previous posts regarding \"round\" vs. \"quack\" timbre. Looking for oboe with an edge, but sweet.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Which woodwinds with killer oboe?

    I don\'t own them, but Dan Dean\'s Solo Woodwinds seem to be the most popular stand-alone wind library. The demos are wonderful, and it\'s definitely on my wish list. Dan offers full and lite versions. Check out the demos and let us know how the tone of the oboe approaches your ideals.


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    Re: Which woodwinds with killer oboe?

    The Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds are really nice. I use them literally all the time. The VSL woodwinds are also quite lovely, although the Oboe there is a Viennese oboe, which has a very dark, rather exotic tone quality. Personally, I love it, but it is atypical of the lighter, more nasal oboe sound that some expect.

    I\'m intensely happy with both of these libraries.

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    Re: Which woodwinds with killer oboe?

    with our new volume 13, Xsample has a complete woodwind package, with volumes 6 (Oboe, English horn, bassoon, contra bassoon, 12 (clarinet, bassetthorn, bassclarinet)& 13 (flute, piccolo),



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    Re: Which woodwinds with killer oboe?

    I usually use Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds.
    Advanced Orchestra\'s legato oboe is very nice, too (although it is mono).

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    Re: Which woodwinds with killer oboe?

    I can\'t agree. Definitely best one is still Miroslav Vitous solo oboe. It has only one layer, but it sounds far much natural and is more usable than other mentioned oboes. Maybe VSL could be better, I don\'t know, I haven\'t heard it yet. But from the rest, this is the winner.

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