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Topic: Bolder S.O.W. and Spring Sale

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    Bolder S.O.W. and Spring Sale

    Hello All,
    I wanted to announce 2 things...
    There is a free sound-set download at the Bolder Sounds website for GigaStudio entitled \"Meditation Bowl and Spring Leaves\". It\'s a 8mb zipped file and unzipped is about 10mb. there is also a .html readme doc in the zip file. This is a different recording of the bowls than was on the \"Best of Bolder\" for Giga. This sound-set is also posted for Kontakt, Kurzweil and the Motif if you happen to use those as well.

    In case you\'re wondering how the fall leaves fit in... I had a bag of leaves sitting around my studio since October which I never got around to recording, they\'re actually quite effective as a percussive element,they act as a sort of natural resonator inside the meditation bowl.

    To get to the S.O.W.download follow the FREE STUFF link on the right side of the home page at http://www.boldersounds.com/

    This S.O.W. posting is in conjunction with a Spring Sale special I\'m having where all CD ROMs are $99 until June 15th, including the Best of Bolder 2 disc set for GigaStudio.

    Comments and questions are always welcome.
    Thanks for your time! - Dennis

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    Re: Bolder S.O.W. and Spring Sale

    That\'s just awesome! \'Best of Bolder\' just moved off my \'I must buy that one of these days\' list to my \'Just ordered and can\'t wait to receive\' list.

    Thanks for the sale!


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    Re: Bolder S.O.W. and Spring Sale

    Well it seemed like an appropriate time for a sale.
    The economy is down and I\'ve seen many posts here in the Forum regarding Copy Protection, Piracy and CD ROM prices.
    So this is about the best bang for the buck I feel I can offer.

    Hope you like it!

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