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Topic: Corolin - cello & piano

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    Corolin - cello & piano

    My blast from the past, originally written in about 2002, originally for piano solo, the recast for cello & piano. Very difficult for pianist and cellist, but very much playable. I would not complain if I could write something like this once a week!

    Corolin (Cello & Piano)

    Piano is GPO Steinway, Cello is a GPO cello, but I don't remember which.


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    Re: Corolin - cello & piano

    Hello Richard! The first half of this reminded me much of Autumn, a season I have been longing for since the end of June, and the middle of our 90-106 degree drought-stricken days! This is nice, very light and peaceful. The upper registers of the piano are a great contrast to the lower, sweeping cello, thanks for sharing!
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