Hi all. It\'s Dave from Sonic Reality here. I just wanted to let you know that I just posted a cool demonstration of Sampletank 2 down in the company forum we sponsored here while it lasts... I suppose it is a good time to tell you that we\'re probably not going to stay because a couple of things. The main reason is you guys are huge Giga fans and we don\'t have our Giga libraries out yet (been saving up some good stuff through ILIO though... but the timing is off). Anyway, there isn\'t enough activity down in our company forum to warrant us being here full time... plus it is difficult to be able to be on this and other forums time-wise anyway.

I initially wanted to be here because of the UFO: Universal Format Outputter which allows our products to be native in Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Giga, SF2, ST1&2, SampleCell, Battery, DR008 and others all from the same package. But, that is something we\'re doing with Garth and you can always talk about that with him on his forum here.

So, maybe we\'ll come back after we do our new 500 gig 32 bit, 192K deluxe platinum cube of orchestral madness.... with key switching you can even hear the violin being made all the way to the time it is destroyed. Just kidding.

I think Northern Sounds is a really cool place and I will come visit. Hosting a forum here is something that Garth and Gary for instance can really sink their teeth into. I don\'t get that same feeling for us. But that\'s okay. No love lost.

Anyway, if you want to hear something interesting then go check out the Sonic Reality/eSoundz company forum below. I posted links to sound demonstrations of wild stuff Sampletank 2 can do.